You are responsible for collecting information on the tonnages, properties and uses of the substances you manufacture or import in quantities of more than one tonne a year. You submit this data to ECHA in a registration dossier. Pay attention to these recommendations when compiling and submitting your registration.


Submit a complete registration dossier to ECHA
  • Include all the information on the substance as required under REACH and show that the substance is being used in a safe way.
  • Where relevant, assess the risks arising from the use of the substance and explain how these risks should be controlled.
  • Ensure that you register your substance as part of the correct joint submission.
  • Provide the correct substance identification information:
    • Rely on your own company-specific substance identification information such as analytical or compositional information.
    • Ensure your substance is within the boundary composition of the registered substance.
    • Use the available IUCLID templates to report information such as the manufacturing process description for UVCB substances.
  • Use the IUCLID Validation Assistant to make sure that you have entered the requested information for the relevant tonnage band in the right sections of IUCLID.
  • Note: The Validation Assistant does not confirm that the dossier is complete. ECHA may also check parts of your dossier manually.
Report intermediate uses correctly
  • Make sure you can show that the use of the substance fulfils the definition of the intermediate use and the conditions set out in REACH.
  • Show that strictly controlled conditions are being applied during the lifecycle of your intermediate, especially in steps where the containment system is expected to break.

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