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Alkenes C20 -24 do not contain any hydrolysable functional groups, so will not undergo hydrolysis. Two biodegradation screening studies are available which demonstrate that alkenes C20 -24 are readily biodegradable. Due to this, the simulation tests on degradation in water, soil and sediment are not required as alkenes C20 -24 are not expected to persist in the aquatic or terrestrial environment.

Log BCFs have been calculated on the basis of the calculated log Kow using a QSAR that is appropriate for icosene and docosene. These values have been read across to alkenes C20 - 24. The calculated log BCFs are 1.6 - 2.1. This indicates that alkenes C20 - 24 are not expected to pose a risk of bioaccumulation or secondary poisoning. A measured log Koc of >5.63 is available for alkenes C20 - 24. A log Koc of >6.56 has also been read across from hexadecene.