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Tridecanedioic acid is a solid with a relative density of 1.1771 under standard conditions (20 °C, 1atm). It melts at 113.6 °C and started to decompose with volatilisation of the decomposition products at 200 °C (100.1 hPa). It possesses a relative low vapour pressure (9.5 x 10E-10 hPa at 20°C). The mass median diameter of the substance typically is 82.1 µm. It displays no flammability concern according to the test result of EC method A.10 (2008). Its structure and handling experience (non flammable, not pyrophoric, not flammable in contact with water, no explosive or oxidizing properties) do not cause relevant concerns. The log Kow is 3.0 (25°C, pH=3.0) and the water solubility is 10.15 mg/l at 20°C with a pH of 4.7. Based on its structure, it dissociates in water, though the pKa cannot be determined with the existing OECD guidelines due to low solubility and absence of chromophores. In conclusion, according to its physico-chemical data, the test material does not possess any hazardous properties that would lead to classification under presently applicable criteria.