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Physico-chemical properties were determined experimentally. The substance is liquid at ambient temperature, with low volatility. In water, it is slightly soluble, and exhibits moderate surface-active properties.

It is not classified as hazardous with regard to physical hazards.

Summary of relevant physico-chemical properties:




Colourless liquid.

Freezing point

< -7°C

Boiling point

291°C (under normal atmP)

Relative density


The substance is less dense than water.

Vapour pressure

0.128 Pa at 20°C

Low volatility.

Log Kow

Isomer 1 (alpha.R,1R,6S)- = 5.79

isomer 2 [1a(S*),6b] (9Cl) = 5.59

Water solubility

125 µg/L for isomer 1 (alpha.R, 1R, 6S)-

285 µg/L for isomer 2 [1a(S*),6b]‑ (9Cl) at 20°C, pH 7

Considered as slightly soluble.

Surface tension

Expected < 60 mN/m from analogue, despite low solubility (<1 mg/L) and the fact that the structure is not characteristic of a true surfactant.


Not flammable (Flash Point = 138°C).

AIT = 245°C

No flammable properties expected if contact with air or water (based on chemical structure and experience).

Explosive properties

No potential for neither explosive nor self-reactive properties (based on chemical structure).

Oxidising properties

No potential for oxidising properties (based on chemical structure).