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Summary of relevant physico-chemical properties of CHIMEXANE NB :




The test of appearance of CHIMEXANE NB is showed a liquid viscous substance with a yellow to brown yellow colour and slight odour at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure.

Melting range

Melting of the test item occurred progressively between -50°C and -15°C.

Boiling point

The test item has no boiling point up to 500°C

Relative density

The relative mean density was calculated to be 0.9796.


Study scientifically unjustified.

Vapour pressure

The calculated vapour pressure at 20°C was 0.00082 Pa.

Log Kow

The Log10 of octanol/water partition coefficient was estimated to be 5.55.

Water solubility

The critical micelle concentration of the test item of CHIMEXANE NB in aqueous solutions was determined to be 3.80 mg/L. This value was considered as the minimum water solubility of the Chimexane NB.

Surface tension

The surface tension of a 1g/L aqueous solution of CHIMEXANE NB was determined to be 29.63 mN/m with a deviation of 0.05 mN/m.

CHIMEXANE NB is classified as surface-active substance.

Self-ignition temperature

The lowest value of the auto-ignition temperature is 340°C.

According to DIN EN 13463 -1 CHIMEXANE NB has to be assigned to temperature class T2.


Study scientifically unjustified.

Oxidising properties

Study scientifically unjustified.

 Stability in organic solvents The test item was found to be stable in 2-Propanol and n-Hexane at 50°C over a period of 120 hours.
 Dissociation constant

Study technically not feasible.

 Viscosity The kinematic viscosity of the test item was: 3937.5 mm2/s at 20°C and 760.1 mm2/s at 40°C.
 Flash Point  CHIMEXANE NB has a flash point of 217.5 °C (ambient atmospheric pressure).
 Flammability  Study scientifically unjustified.