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Hazard for aquatic organisms

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Conclusion on classification

- Short-term toxicity:

Daphnia Acute : 48h-EC50 = 3.8 mg/L based on meas. geom.

Algae: 72h-ErC50 = 12 mg/L based on meas. geom. ; 72h-NOECr = 0.38 mg/L

The test item has to considered a toxic to aquatic organisms.

-Long term toxicity: no data

-Evidence of rapid degradation in aquatic system:OECD Guideline 301B: %Biodeg. = 19% (Day 28) based on CO2 evolution.

 -Bioaccumulation: No fish bioconcentration factor is available. Log kow <-3.1, indicating no potential for bioaccumulation.


CLP Classification proposal:

In provision to the CLP environmental criteria laid down in CLP Regulation (including 5nd Adaptation to Technical Progress, Com Reg No 944/2013), the test item has to be classified as Chronic Cat 2, H411.


DSD Classification proposal:

The test item has to be classified as N; R51/53