Registration Dossier

Administrative data

Description of key information

No acute oral toxicity test data is available for the substance acute toxicity after oral exposure. Data are available for the read-across substance potassium methylsilanetriolate which is a multi-constituent substance containing methylsilanetriolate, dimers and oligomers of methylsilanetriolate, and potassium hydroxide at high pH in aqueous solution (EC number 250-807-9). 
In contact with water reaction mass of potassium methylsiliconate is dissolving. The resulting aqueous solution is very similar to the read-across substance potassium methylsilanetriolate. Both aqueous solutions are only stable at high pH. As the pH is lowered, polymerisation occurs. Therefore it is considered appropriate to read across the available data on potassium methylsilanetriolate. The read-across substance, Reaction mass of monomer, dimer, trimer and oligomer potassium methylsilanetriolate (EC 259-807-9) has been tested for acute oral toxicty according to OECD 423 (acute toxic class method) and in compliance with GLP (LPT, 2002). The LD50 was determined to be >2000 mg/kg.
An acute dermal toxicity study is available for the registered substance. Under the conditions of this study, single dermal application of the test item to rats up at a dose of 2000 mg/kg body weight was associated with no mortality but signs of irritation. The dermal LD50 was determined to be > 2000 mg/kg body weight.

Key value for chemical safety assessment

Additional information

The available information from both the read-across substance after oral exposure and the registered substance after dermal exposure indicates an LD50 of >2000 mg/kg.

Justification for classification or non-classification

Based on the available data from both the read-across substance and the registered substance no classification is necessary according to the criteria of EU Directive 67/548/EEC and Regulation 1272/2008.