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Melting/Freezing Point 119°C (= 392 K)
Boiling Point no boiling temperature. Decomposition starts at 375°C
Density 1.30 g cm-3@ 20°C
Vapor Pressure < 13.0 nPa @ 20°C , < 16.0 nPa @ 25°C
Water Solubility 42µg L-1@ 20°C
Partition coefficient Log Kow5.2 at both pH 2 and 8
Flammability Not highly flammable. 
 self ignition temperature  not determined due to low melting point
 oxidising   oxidising properties are not expected.
 surface tension   surface tension is not expected.
 explosiveness   explosive properties are not expected.
Granulometry 77% of the sample volume had a particle size < 10 micron