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According to the references, bismuth nitrate pentahydrate has a density of 2.83 g/cm³.

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Relative density at 20C:

Additional information

All values available for bismuth nitrate are for the density. The key value should be entered as the relative (specific) density of the substance. Since no reference is explicitly stated, it can be assumed that water at 4 °C (or, more precisely, 3.98 °C, which is the temperature at which water reaches its maximum density) is the reference. The density of water is (approximately) 1 g/cm3, which makes relative density calculations particularly convenient: the density of the object only needs to be divided by 1.

For the evaluation of this endpoint data from the CRC handbook and one material safety data sheet prepared by Alfa Aesar was used as a weight of evidence.

According to ECHA, guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment – chapter R.7a, specific handbook data for physic-chemical properties are considered to be a reliable data source. Useful reference books and data compilations containing peer reviewed physico-chemical data include the Merck Index and the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

Data available in the CRC handbook concerning bismuth nitrate pentahydrate (Bi(NO3)3* 5H2O) and were entered in this section as reliable information, since bismuth trinitrate is a hygroscopic substance and the molecule will contain water if not kept under inert gas.

Concerning the available MSDS: According to the European Chemicals Agency, 2010 (Practical guide 2: How to report weight of evidence),values for physico-chemical properties taken from material safety data sheets (MSDSs) can only be assigned a reliability rating of (4), not assignable, unless detailed information such as the experimental methodology are provided to enable the preparation of a (robust) study summary.

Available data describe the density of bismuth nitrate, pentahydrate to be 2.83g/cm3 (~20°C).