Registration Dossier

Administrative data

First-aid measures

Emergency measure - Inhalation: Seek medical attention in the case of symptoms of illness.
Emergency measure - Eyes: Flush with plenty of water and consult a physician.
Emergency measure - Skin: Clean with plenty water and soap.
Emergency measure - Ingestion: Seek medical attention in the case of symptoms of illness.

Fire-fighting measures

Recommended extinguishing agent: CO2, foam, powder

Product determined by test: N

Protective equipment: Normal equipment.

Accidental release measures

Emergency measures in case of spillage: Aoid contact with the skin.

Moisten the substance. Collect the substance and treat as
chemical waste. Clean area with plenty of water.

Handling and storage

Handling: Wear gloves and goggles. The substance is strongly
sensitising, therefore every contact must be avoided. The
material is dried and packed in a closed system and
transported in a special containers that can be emptied
using a closed system.

The wet product can be handled in open systems wearing
protective suit. A special closed system for recovery of the
material form the centrifuge and filling of the drying
equipment is installed?

Storage: Store dry

Transport information

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Marine transport (IMDG)

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Air transport ICAO/IATA

Transport: No special precautions
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Exposure controls / personal protection

Stability and reactivity

Danger other than fire: No special precautions

Dust explosion determined by test: N

Disposal considerations

Industry - Possibility of recovery/recycling: The material is completely converted in a chemical reaction
there is no need for recovery.

Industry - Possibility of neutralisation: The compound slowly decomposes in water, this reaction is
enhanced by acid or base. In case of spilling during the
production of the substance the substance is first
decomposed with hydrochloric acid in ethanol, than washed
away with water. The waste is drained to the water
purification system.

Industry - Possibility of destruction: controlled discharge: not recommended

Industry - Possibility of destruction - incineration: The substance can be incinerated as chemical waste.

Industry - Possibility of destruction - water purification: The compound is only slightly soluble in water but
decomposes slowly into soluble products that are reasonable