Registration Dossier

Administrative data

First-aid measures

Emergency measure - Inhalation: If inhaled, remove to fresh air; if still having difficulty
breathing, seek medical attention.
Emergency measure - Eyes: In case of eye contact, flush eyes with plenty of water; if
irritation persists, seek medical attention.
Emergency measure - Skin: In case of skin contact, flush affected area with plenty of
Emergency measure - Ingestion: If swallowed, seek medical attention.

Fire-fighting measures

Recommended extinguishing agent: water

Product arising from burning: NOx, COx

Product determined by test: N

Protective equipment: Wear self-contained breathing apparatus.

Accidental release measures

Emergency measures in case of spillage: Before picking up spill, wear the minimum personal
protective equipment specified in section 2.3.00.

For large spills a higher level of personal protective
equipment may be needed.

Sweep and shovel spill into an empty plastic-lined
container. Secure cover on waste container and identify for
chemical waste disposal via appropriate corporate procedure.

Do not mix picked-up spills of different chemicals together.

Flush contaminated area with water ONLY AFTER spill has been
picked-up; use sufficient water.

Handling and storage

Handling: Keep away from heat, light, sparks, open flames, oxidizing

Avoid contact with eyes. Wear safety glasses and natural
rubber gloves.

Dust may be controlled at generation points with local
exhaust ventilation.

Wash thoroughly after handling.

Storage: Store away from heat, sparks, open flame and oxidizing
materials. Keep container tightly closed.

Packaging of the substance and or preparation: The NT-17 fluid will be sold as a 50% solution in toluene
(45%) and methanol (5%). This will be packaged in 60 liter
high density polyethylene drums. Each drum will contain 20
kg of dry material NT-17 and 20 kg solvent mixture mentioned

The "final product", the printing plates, will be packaged
in boxes of 25 to 50 plates per box. The plates will be
pre-wrapped with aluminum backed paper, then placed in the
box which wil be used for shipment.

Transport information

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Marine transport (UN RTDG/IMDG)

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Air transport (UN RTDG/ICAO/IATA)

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Special provisions / remarks
Transport code: UN 1325
Transport: Flammable solid
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Exposure controls / personal protection

Stability and reactivity

Danger other than fire: None expected.

Chemical reaction with water: Compound is considered to be stable.

Dust explosion: The substance is considered to be stable.

Dust explosion determined by test: N

Disposal considerations

Industry - Possibility of recovery/recycling: Not possible.

Industry - Possibility of neutralisation: Not applicable.

Industry - Possibility of destruction: controlled discharge: Not possible.

Industry - Possibility of destruction - incineration: Not specified [660].

Industry - Possibility of destruction - water purification: Not possible.

Industry - Possibility of destruction - other: Not applicable.

Public at large - Possibility of recovery/recycling: Not applicable since the product will not become available
to the public at large.