Registration Dossier

Administrative data

First-aid measures

If inhaled, move to fresh air.
In case of skin contact, wash off with plenty of water.
In case of eye contact, flush eyes with plenty of water.
If ingested, do not induce vomiting.
For any of the above incidences, if irritation occurs, seed medical attention.
Symptoms/effects: None reasonably foreseeable.
Notes for the doctor: Treat symptomatically.

Fire-fighting measures

Not flammable. Product is non-reactive under normal conditions.
Suitable extinguishing media: use water, dry chemical, foam, or CO2 extinguishing media
Unsuitable extinguishing media: none
Advice for fire fighters: Do not attempt to take action without suitable protective equipment: self-contained breathing apparatus and complete protective clothing.

Accidental release measures

For non-emergency personnel: Ensure adequate ventilation. Use personal protective equipment.
Protective equipment and emergency procedures: Do not attempt to take action without suitable protective equipment.
Environmental precautions: Avoid uncontrolled release into the environment.
For containment: Store in original container.
For cleaning up: Take up liquid spill in absorbent material.

Handling and storage

Handling: Wear personal protective equipment. Ensure adequate ventilation. Do not ingest.
Storage: Do not store below 5 degrees Celsius. Keep from freezing. Keep out of reach of children. Do not contaminate water, food, or feed by storage or disposal.

Transport information

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Marine transport (UN RTDG/IMDG)

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Additional transport information

Additional information
Special provisions / remarks / other:
Transportation not regulated.

Exposure controls / personal protection

Exposure controls: avoid uncontrolled release to the environment.
Hand protection: protective gloves
Feet protection: closed-toe shoes
Body protection: wear suitable protective clothing (long sleeves and long pants)
Eye protection: safety glasses
Respiratory protection: dust mask

Stability and reactivity

Reactivity: The product is non-reactive under normal conditions of use, storage, and transport.
Chemical stability: Stable under normal conditions.
Possibility of hazardous reactions: No dangerous reactions known under normal conditions of use.
Conditions to avoid: None.
Incompatible materials: None known.
Hazardous decomposition products: None known.

Disposal considerations

Disposal: Dispose of in an approved disposal facility in accordance with all municipal, provincial, and federal regulations.
Container disposal: Triple rinse and offer for recycling or reconditioning, puncture and dispose in a sanitary landfill, or incineration by burning (if allowed by authorities).