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Key data is available for 2,2 -dimethylbutane. Additionally, supporting data is also available for Hydrocarbons, C6, isoalkanes, <5% n-hexane and Isohexane and this data is used for read across to2,2 -dimethylbutane.

Data on physical properties were obtained from a number of secondary sources. The data in these secondary sources are based on a critical evaluation of peer-reviewed data and the selected values are considered to be reliable and representative of the property under investigation. Information in the review process was documented in the introduction of the source. The use of Klimisch codes (Klimischet al., 1997), was extended to these secondary sources and a reliability code of (2)valid with restrictionswas assigned when using the authoritative secondary source. Proprietary data has also been used and this has been reviewed and assessed for reliability using klimisch codes. Where proprietary data has been considered reliable it has been given a reliability code of (2)valid with restrictionsand has been used in the assessment.

The reported boiling point of2,2 -dimethylbutaneis 49.7°C.The boiling point forHydrocarbons, C6, isoalkanes, <5% n-hexaneis 48-70°C based on the data range agreed by the consortium and the flashpoint is <0°C. According to the CLP legislation (2008) a substance with flash point <23°C and a boiling point >35°C is classified as a Category 2 flammable liquid.

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