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Fe(III)IDHA has no physical/chemical properties that warrant classification. This substance is not produced nor transported as an aerosol nor as a gas under pressure.

Fe(III)IDHA is a solid (microgranules), odourless, green-brow substance.

The determined melting temperature of test item is in the range of 201,1 ± 0,40C to 203,8 ± 0,5 0C.

The boiling point 812.61 oC of Fe(III)IDHA was determined by calculation in EPI Suite (MPBPVP v. 1.43).

The bulk density for Fe(III)IDHA is 850 kg/m³±50 kg/m³.

The particle size distribution of the test substance was determined in a non-GLP study (2016) according to method PN-EN 1235:1999/A1:2004 by using the dry sieve test.The majority of granules are 0.2 - 1 mm (96%).

The vapour pressure of Fe(III)IDHA was calculated by EPI Suite program (Vapor Pressure Estimations (MPBPVP v1.43)):

At 25°C the calculated vapour pressure is 3.84x10 -18 Pa.

At 25°C the calculated vapour pressure is 2.88x10 -20 mmHg.

The log Kow = - 7.51 at 25oC.

The water solubility of Fe(III)IDHA is 733.33 g/L at 20oC.

No flash point of gaseous thermal decomposition products of chelate Fe (III) IDHA was observed.

The minimum ignition temperature of chelate Fe (III) IDHA has a value 690 °C.

Fe(III)IDHA is not highly flammable in accordance with test A.10. criteria.

Fe(III)IDHA has no oxidizing properties in accordance with the UN O.1. test criterion by the ADR/RID regulations. .

Fe(III)IDHA chelate does not have explosive properties according to criteria of ECC A.14 Method.

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