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In accordance with section 1 of REACH Annex XI, the hydrolysis study does not need to be conducted as this substance is not expected to undergo hydrolysis in the environment due to a lack of hydrolysable functional groups and therefore testing does not appear scientifically necessary. In addition, data on Sulfolane (CAS 126-33-0, EC 204-783-1), indicated that sulfolane is not hydrolysable (see ECHA registration dossier). The half-life of Sulfolane is >5 days at 50 ºC, pH 4, 7, and 9 (OECD 111) (equivalent to a half-life > one year at room temperature) and Sulfolane is considered to be stable to hydrolysis under environmental conditions (MITI Japan, 2001). (Source: SIDS dossier Sulfolane). Sulfolane and 3-methyl sulfolane differ from each other in a methyl group. It is therefore not expected that because of the methyl group present in 3-methyl sulfolane this substance will undergo hydrolysis under environmental conditions.

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