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Based on its physical chemical properties, 3 -methylsulfolane does not need to be classified for physico-chemical properties in accordance with the criteria of the CLP regulation (1272/2008/EC).

3 -Methylsulfolane is a colourless to pale yellow liquid at room temperature.

The melting/freezing point of 3-methyl sulfolane is -4.1ºC at 1008 ± 1 hPa.

The boiling temperature of 3-methylsulfolane is 285.9ºC at 1008 ± 1 hPa.

The relative density of 3-methylsulfolane is 1.19 at 20.0 ± 0.5°C.

The vapour pressure of 3-methylsulfolane was found to be 0.885 Pa at 25 °C (QSAR).

3 -Methylsulfolane has a Log Pow of -0.4 at neutral pH and 20ºC.

The water solubility of 3-methylsulfolane is >1000 g/L at 20ºC and a pH of 7.9.

The flash point of 3-methylsulfolane is 146ºC at 1013.25 hPa (standard conditions).

3 -Methylsulfolane has an auto-ignition temperature of 395ºC at 987-995 hPa.

3 -Methylsulfolane is not considered to be an oxidising liquid.

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