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Ichthammol is a substance in the group of “sulfonated shale oils” or “bituminosulfonates” and as such related to Ichthyolic Acid, Sodium Salt. It is described in a variety of pharmacopoeias (e. g. Ph. Eur., USP, JP).
In general, bituminosulfonates are brown-blackish liquids of varying viscosity. For Ichthammol (trademark substances ICHTHYOL and ICHTHAMMOL) reference to appearance and color is found in the European Pharmacopoeia (see attachments).

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Physical state at 20°C and 1013 hPa:
Form / colour / odour
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liquid: viscous
other: tar-like with slight smell of ammonia and sulfur-containing compounds

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Ichthammol is a blackish-brown dense liquid with a characteristic odor influenced by its "organic matter rich limestone" (bituminous schists) origin (tar-like with a smell of organic sulfur compounds and slight reference to ammonia).