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sediment toxicity: long-term
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There is no concern for relevant exposure of sediment organisms to the test substance. As calculated by EpiSuite , if n-Octyl methacrylate is released into water, it mainly remains in the water and is predicted to partition only to a small degree into sediment. Therefore, the expected hazard to sediment organisms is low due to the level of ecotoxic potential derived from tests with aquatic organisms compared to the expected exposure concentration calculated by EpiSuite. Furthermore, data of structural analogues methyl methacrylate and the common metabolite methacrylic acid indicate low toxicity to sediment microorganisms. Moreover, 2-EHMA structural analogue is readily biodegradable and was demonstrated experimentally to have no potential for bioaccumulation (BCF = 37). Therefore, n-Octyl methacrylate is not expected to persist in soil.

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