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flash point of flammable liquids
Data waiving:
study technically not feasible
Justification for data waiving:
the study does not need to be conducted because the flash point is only relevant to liquids and low melting point solids
Justification for type of information:
In accordance with section 2 of REACh Annex XI, Flash Point study relevant for classification criteria under the present IUCLID Section 4.11 does not apply to solids.
Moreover, as presented under IUCLID Section 4.2, the melting point of the substance (79°C) is above the higher CLP threshold of 60°C, so it is not considered either to be a low-melting solid, based on this criteria.
Please refer to Flammable Solids study under IUCLID Section 4.13.
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Reason / purpose:
data waiving: supporting information

Melting range : 78 - 80°C (from literature)

Melting / freezing point at 101 325 Pa:
79 °C

No experimental study is available. However, a melting range is cited in an opinion from scientific authority, therefore considered as reliable information. The average value is retained as key data.

Reason / purpose:
data waiving: supporting information
flammable solids
Type of information:
experimental study
Adequacy of study:
key study
Study period:
experimental dates: 23 March 2017
1 (reliable without restriction)
Rationale for reliability incl. deficiencies:
guideline study
The study was conducted according to an internationally recognised method, and under GLP, without deviation. The substance is adequately characterised. Therefore full validation applies.
according to
UN Manual of Tests and Criteria: Test N.1 (Test method for readily combustible solids)
Version / remarks:
Manual of Tests and Criteria, Sixth revised edition (2015) Section
GLP compliance:
yes (incl. certificate)
Landesamt für Umwelt, Wasserwirtschaft und Gewerbeaufsicht (inspected on 13 & 14 October 2014, 2010 / signed on 08 April 2015)
Key result
Test procedure:
burning rate test: preliminary screening test
Remarks on result:
substance does not ignite and propagate combustion either by burning with flame or smouldering along 200 mm of the powder train within the 2 minutes test period

The test item melted to a light yellow and clear liquid. No signs of flammability were observed.

Interpretation of results:
not classified based on GHS criteria
GHS and EU-CLP criteria not met
The test item is NOT classified as a flammable solid according to Regulation (EC) N°1272/2008 (CLP) criteria.
Executive summary:

The substance was tested for its flammable properties as a solid, according to UN N1 guideline, and under GLP.

The test material has been determined to be NOT highly flammable, as it failed to ignite in the preliminary screening test.

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