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Additional information

In accordance with the ECHA Guidance R.10 (May 2008), the derivation of PNECs is required for the chemical safety assessment (CSA) of substances manufactured/imported/used in quantities from 10 t/a onwards. Thus, no PNECs have been derived for the REACH registration of 1-Benzyl-3-carbamoyl-pyridinium, chloride in the tonnage band 1-10 t/a (REACH Annex VII).

Conclusion on classification

1-Benzyl-3-carbamoyl-pyrdinium, chloride is considered readily biodegradable and non-bioaccumulative based on its log Kow (= -1.93). Based on the acute aquatic toxicity substance data for algae (Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata, 72-h ErC50 100 mg/L) and crustaceans (Daphnia magna 48-h EC50 = 181.7 mg/L), a classification for neither acute nor chronic aquatic hazards is warranted.