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The available studies for the aquatic toxicity of IDDPP are listed in the table below:



Test species




OECD 203 Short-term toxicity to fish, Envigo 2016

Oncorhynchus mykiss


>0.15 mg/L (geomean)

Key study, GLP, rel. 1

OECD 202, 48 -hour Acute Immobilzation test, Envigo 2016

Daphnia magna


0.042 mg/L (geomean)

Key study, GLP rel. 1

OECD 201 Algal Toxicity Test, Envigo 2016

Selenastrum capricornutum

72h-EC50 growth rate

>0.1 mg/L (geomean)

Key study, GLP, rel. 1

Equivalent or similar to OECD guideline 215

Pimephales promelas

90d-NOEC growth

90d-NOEC reproduction

0.057 mg/l (measured) Santicizer 148

>=0.336 mg/l (measured) Santicizer 148

Key study, rel. 2

ASTM Task group on daphnids, "Draft proposed standard practice for conducting renewal life cycle toxicity tests with the daphnid, Daphnia magna", 1978/1982

Daphnia magna

21d-NOEC mortality and reproduction

3.8 ug/l (measured) Pydraul 312C

Key study, rel. 2