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Physical & Chemical properties

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A few physico-chemical properties were available from experimental testing.

The substance is a viscous liquid at ambient temperature, more dense than water.

Based on CLP and GHS criteria, it is NOT classified as a flammable liquid.

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Liquid, colourless.

Freezing point

(OECD102/EU A1/BS4633)

< -14.1°C

Relative density

(OECD109/EU A3, oscillating densitimeter)

1.268 at 20.0°C

Flash Point

(EU A9/closed cup)

FP = 179°C (at normal atmP)


(DIN 53019/ISO 3219, rotary viscometer)

9345 mPa.s at 20°C (extr.)

606 mPa.s at 40°C