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Intermediate use only


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Joint Submission

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Registrant / Supplier Registered Updated
B-Lands Consulting (811725-2) 5 Place Robert Schuman - BP 1516 38025 Grenoble France France 2018
DIPHARMA FRANCIS srl Bissone, 5 20021 Baranzate Milano Italy 2017
TSE, OR for Tosoh Finechem Rembrandt Tower Amstelplein 1 1096 HA Amsterdam Netherlands 2017

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  • 01-2120741263-62-0000
  • 01-2120741263-62-0001
  • 01-2120741263-62-0002

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  • Dipharma Francis srl, via XXIV Maggio 40, 33036, Mereto di Tomba (UD), Italy

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