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At 20 °C and 1013 hPa, the substance is a powder. The substance melts between 206 and 236 °C with onset at 221.9 °C and enthalpy of -90.5 J/g. Then, it decomposes as shown by DSC analysis. The density of the substance is 1.364 g/cm3at 20 °C, with a mass median diameter of 27.075 µm.

The substance has a partition coefficient between octanol and water of log Kow = -1.7442, determined by the shake-flask method at 20 °C and pH 3.05; it is very soluble (i.e. 51.82 g/l at 20 °C and pH 2.49) as determined by the flask method.

Experimentally, the substance resulted as non flammable. Based on chemical structure and known experience in handling/storage/use, the substance is considered as non oxidising. Similarly, explosiveness was excluded mostly due to oxygen balance and known experience in handling and use.

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