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Category name:
Sulphophthalic Acid and Salts

Justifications and discussions

Category definition:
The read across follows Scenario 5 - Qualitatively and quantitatively similar effects are caused by a common compound, which is formed from all category members (as described in the 2017 Read-Across Assessment Framework document).

Category description:
All category members are highly water soluble and have similar use patterns. Therefore, direct read-across can be used for most endpoints and is in accordance of Annex XI, 1.5 of the REACH Regulation.
Category rationale:
Sulfophthalic acid sodium and ammonium salts are different organic salts of a common acid, sulfophthalic acid. The salts dissociate rapidly in the medium (water) to the common sulfophthalic acid anion and to their different counter ions. Sulfophthalic acid and salts dissociate to sulfophthalic anion function in aqueous solutions and depending of the degree of the sulfophthalic acid salt substitution [e.g. one (mono), two (di), or three (tri)] the dissociation reaction could produce one to three counter ions (sodium or ammonium).