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No tests on biodegradation of the test substance are available. Similar substances (chloralkanes) showed an inherent biodegradation. Nevertheless, the test substance is considered to be not readily biodegradable in context of CLP regulation 1272/2008. Reliable experimental data on aquatic toxicity of the substance are not available. Toxicity on daphnia was examine in a test, which has been considered to be unsuitable for the test substance due to the physical chemical properties of the substance. Although, the test is not considered reliable for assessment, harmful effects of the substance to daphnia were observed. The acute toxicity to fish has been predicted to be 2.18 µM (Log LC50, corresponding to a LC50 of 16 mg/L) in a QSAR fish model developed for chlorinated alkanes. An additional QSAR estimation with ECOSAR v1.00 considering experimental data (logKow, water solubility) resulted in effect levels of 28.65 mg/L for fish, 17.45 mg/L for daphnids and 10.38 mg/L for green algae. The predicted class of the substance are neutral organics and the proposed mechanism of action is non-polar narcosis. Taking the available and reliable results together in an evidence approach, the effects level are in the range of 10 to 20 mg/L, indicating a harmful potential to aquatic organisms.

Conclusion on classification

As no data is available on biodegradation, the substance has to be considered as not readily biodegradable according to CLP regulation No. 1272/2008. Although no reliable experimental data of the substance on aquatic organisms are available, QSAR data indicates a harmful potential to the aquatic environment. The effect levels are in the range of 10 -20 mg/L. Therefore, a classification as harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects (Aquatic, chronic, category 3, H412) is advisable. According to UN-GHS a classification to aquatic acute category 3 (H402) is required.