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Remarkable physical-chemical properties of sodium phenoxyacetate:

- Molecular weight: 174.1

- Sodium phenoxyacetate is a solid with a melting temperature of 266.6 °C.

- Sodium phenoxyacetate decomposed during and immediately after melting.

- The relative density is 1.4975 at 20 °C.

- The median particle size of sodium phenoxyacetate is 31.4 µm.

- The calculated vapour pressure is very low: 1.57*10-8 Pa at 25 °C.

- The log of the n-octanol/water partition coefficient is very low: -2.48.

- The water solubility is high: 223.6 g/L at 20.0 °C.

- Surface tension of water is not affected: 72.35 mN/m at 20.0 °C.

- The pKa of 3.17 is adopted from that of the free acid.

- Sodium phenoxyacetate has no dangerous physical-chemical properties.

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