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The test substance is water soluble and dissociates into oxalic acid, oxalate and ammonium ions, as well as oxobisoxalato-niobate ion. The residue amount of oxalic component, ammonium ion and niobium (element) at the end of study was determined using liquid chromatography (LC) and ion chromatography (IC) and ICP in the test solutions and water controls respectively.


Due to complex reactions of each component, such as transformation of oxobisoxalato-niobate and hydrolysis of niobium compound, no oxygen consumption was observed after 28 days. However, > 99% of organic component oxalate is removed based on test material analysis and DOC removal. The inorganic moiety (niobium species) undergoes hydrolysis and forms insoluble niobium hydroxide. Removal of ammonium ion is less than 2%. Presence of niobium did not inhibit the activity microorganism and biodegradation rate of oxalate ions.