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Description of key information

As presented under Section 1, the substance is a Reaction mass of three inorganic calcium salts (fluoride, sulfate, and carbonate, the last being also considered as inorganic, though it contains carbon).

Density, water solubility and granulometry experimental studies were conducted on the test substance. Some properties were derived from data on the constituents. Endpoints that were not relevant were waived.

The substance is a dense, white to gray blocks of granular solid with some powder formation during handling and storage, highly stable to temperature (high melting point), therefore with negligible volatility. Water solubility is driven by the less soluble constituent, and is expected to depend on loading rate and pH. No surface activity is anticipated.

The test substance is NOT classified as dangerous with regard to physical hazards, based on CLP criteria.

Additional information

Endpoint (method)



white to gray granular solid with some powder formation during handling and storage

Melting point

From data on constituents, melting expected in the range 825 - 1460°C with partial decomposition, and after water vaporisation.

Boiling point

(waived, mp > 300°C)


2 000 kg/m3

Particle size distribution (Granulometry)

D50 = 10.6 µm

Vapour pressure

(waived, mp > 300°C)

Log Kow

(waived, inorganic)

Water solubility

composition of the test item solution after 1 hour of mixing:

concentration of CaCO3: 0.25 g/l

concentration of CaF2: 0.009 g/l

concentration of CaSO4: 2.55 g/l

Surface tension

(waived, structure, use)



_ Flash Point

(waived, inorganic and solid)

_ Auto-flammability

(solid, see self-heating)

_ Flammable solids

No constituent of concern.

_ Contact with air or water

(waived, based on experience)

_ Self-heating

No constituent of concern.

Explosive properties

(waived, based on structure of constituents)

Oxidising properties

(waived, based on structure of constituents)

Stability in organic solvents

(waived, inorganic)

Dissociation constant

(waived, not feasible)

For carbonates, pKa1=6.35, pKa2=10.33


(waived, solid)

Self-reactive properties

(waived, based on structure of constituents)

Organic peroxide

(waived, based on structure of constituents)

Corrosivity to metals

(waived, not feasible on solids)