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FAT 40147 is a brown powder at 20 °C.

The melting point of FAT 40147 was found to be 153 °C.

No boiling point for FAT 40147/G could be detected, as the thermic decomposition of the test substance started at about 330 °C.

The average density of FAT 40147 was found to be 1.6100 g/cm3.

The median particle size (L50) of FAT 40147 was determined to be 24.682 µm.

The vapor pressure of FAT 40147/G TE has been calculated to be less than 2.4 x 10-5 Pa at 25 °C.

The n-octanol/water partition coefficient of FAT 40147/G was determined to be 0.000864 (log Pow = -3.06).

The water solubility of FAT 40147/G at a temperature of 20 °C was determined to be 296 g/l.

The surface tension of FAT 40147/G was determined to be 66.298 mN/m at room temperature ca 20 °C.

FAT 40147/G is a solid with a high melting point (153 °C). Hence the endpoint (flash point) is waived.

The autoignition temperature of FAT 40147/G was determined to be >550 °C, as no autoignition was observed under test conditions.

FAT 40147/G was considered as not highly flammable.

FAT 40147/G is considered to be non-explosive. The analysis of the chemical structure reveals no alerts for explosive properties. The calculated chemical oxygen balance is above the trigger value of -200, but the determination of the exothermic decomposition energy demonstrated an energy release below the critical value of 500 J/g. Therefore the substance is considered to be non-explosive according to Directive 67/548/EEC and Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 and no further testing are required.

FAT 40147/G is incapable of reacting exothermically with combustible materials on the basis of its chemical structure.