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This substance has a limited potential to bioaccumulate (based on log Kow used by BCF estimates: 3.32, and predicted bioconcentration factors, log BCF = 1.86 (EPIWIN/BCF Program).

The estimated BCF of 71.82 L/kg wet-wt was measured by calculation from EPI SuiteTM v4.1 Program.

These values would suggest very low bioaccumulation potential.

This is Exposure Assessment Tools and Models made from EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

BCFBAF Program (v3.01) Results:



CHEM : Carbamothioic acid, ethyl-, O-(1-methylethyl) ester

MOL FOR: C6 H13 N1 O1 S1

MOL WT : 147.24

--------------------------------- BCFBAF v3.01 --------------------------------

Summary Results:

Log BCF (regression-based estimate): 1.86 (BCF = 71.8 L/kg wet-wt)

Biotransformation Half-Life (days) : 0.471 (normalized to 10 g fish)

Log BAF (Arnot-Gobas upper trophic): 2.02 (BAF = 104 L/kg wet-wt)

Log Kow (experimental): not available from database

Log Kow used by BCF estimates: 3.32

Equation Used to Make BCF estimate:

Log BCF = 0.6598 log Kow - 0.333 + Correction

Correction(s): Value

No Applicable Correction Factors

Estimated Log BCF = 1.856 (BCF = 71.82 L/kg wet-wt)