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PBT assessment: overall result

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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

Comparison with the Criteria of Annex XIII. An assessment of the PBT/vPvB status of the test substance has been made using all available data.

Persistence Assessment. A modified sturm test (OECD 301B; see Section 5.2.1) showed that the test substance is not readily biodegradable; the test substance is therefore identified as being potentially persistent.

Bioaccumulation Assessment: No studies to assess bioaccumulation in aquatic species have been conducted. The low log kow value (<4.5) indicates that the test material is unlikely to be bioaccumulative in aquatic systems, and is such is considered to have a low potential for bioaccumulation.

Toxicity assessment: The acute toxicity for all three trophic levels are much higher than the PBT screening criterion of < 0.1 mg/L (Daphnia magna the most sensitive species with a 48hr EC50 of 1.7 mg/L).

The overall conclusions, based on the present available data, are that the (screening) criteria for PBT/vPvB, as outlined in Annex XIII of Directive 2006/121/EC, are not met and that further testing in the scope of the final PBT assessment is not considered to be required.