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bioaccumulation in aquatic species: fish
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study scientifically not necessary / other information available
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The available evidence shows the absence of aluminium biomagnification across trophic levels both in aquatic and terrestrial food chains. The existing information suggests not only that aluminium does not biomagnify, but rather that it tends to exhibit biodilution at higher trophic levels in the food chain. Metal concentrations in tissue based on a range of exposure concentrations may be quite similar but the BCFs will be quite variable reflecting an inverse relationship (i.e., higher BCFs at lower exposure concentrations and lower BCFs at higher exposure concentrations) between metal concentrations and the corresponding BCF (McGeer et al, 2003). From the above it is clear that any conclusion based on the application of classical concepts (e.g., use of bioconcentration factors; BCF -biomagnification factors; BMF) to assess metal hazards as they are applied to organic substances should be treated with caution. More detailed information can be found in the attached document (White paper on waiving for secondary poisoning for Al & Fe compounds final report 02-02-2010. pdf).

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