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Acid Brown 365 (ABr365) is a brown organic powder at 1013 hPa and 20 °C.

Between 25-110 °C the imbibition water/solvent release was observed, followed by decomposition of the product starting from 300 °C. Therefore both melting and boiling points were not recorded (REACH&Colours Kft, 2014).

The particle size distribution of the ABr365 was analyzed using the Mastersizer 2000 tool and the d(0.5) resulted 25.605 µm (REACH&Colours Kft, 2014).

ABr365 is a very soluble in water (14.55 g/l at 20 °C and pH 6.40) and log Pow was recorded as -1.1160 (Pow: 0.09003) at 20 °C and pH 6.82, showing a greater affinity with the water phase, than the octanol phase.

The relative density of the substance is 1.470 at 20 °C (REACH&Colours Kft, 2014).

Since it is a solid, properties like vapour pressure, surface tension and flash point can be disregarded.

ABr365 is not expected to be auto-flammable, flammable, explosive and it is deemed to be potentially not oxidising based on the chemical structure, the oxygen balance values and the known experience in the handling and use of substances.