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Occurance in Nature

4 -HBA is widely distributed in the biosphere. The substance is synthesised in plants and has been found in many plants and food. 4 -HBA was found in soils which can be attributed to decomposition products from dead plants.

Environmental fate

The substance is readily biodegradable.

The substance can be expected to have a low potential for adsorption and bioaccumulation because of its low octanol water partition coefficient (log P = 0.88 for the non ionised form).

Due to its ready biodegradation and the acid character the substance is not expected to accumulate in the biosphere and geosphere.

In case of an exposure to the environment the substance is expected to be found in the compartment water. This is due to its water solubility of 4.9 g/L and non volatile properties.

Based on these properties and the requirements of REACH no further testing is necessary.