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Note: Si/FeSi-silicate, as it is produced, may also contain not only the massive bulk (lumpy, granular) material, but also fine particular dust/slurry. The composition and properties of this “dusty” material should be clarified by the registrants and report the results in the CSR. The properties may be very different compared to the more “average” coarse slag material.

Conclusion on classification

The data from the 7 day T/D test and from the 28 day T/D test have been compared with the limits recommended in the EU Risk Assessment Reports (RAR). Si/FeSi Silicate appears not to contain any impurities at concentrations that may be expected to cause acute or chronic toxicity to aquatic organisms and therefore they do not require any further ecotoxicity tests for classification purposes. Si/FeSi silicate is not classified for the environement effects (see section 4.23).