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Terrestrial data of diniobium pentaoxide are not available but due to the properties of diniobium pentaoxide a hazard to soil organisms is assumed to be low. In accordance with column 2 of EC 1970/2006 Annex IX the effects of terrestrial organisms need not to be tested if a direct and indirect exposure to the soil compartment is unlikely. For diniobium pentaoxide a water solubility study has been performed resulting in a solubility <0.5 μg/L. An additionally performed oxide metal dissolution study came likewise to the result that the solubility is lower than 0.5 μg/L. Thus, diniobium pentaoxide is considered to be insoluble in water. Due to its insolubility in water the substance is assumed to be adsorbed and removed within the STP process and an indirect exposure of soil organisms through sludge application can be ruled out. Regarding the insolubility (< 0.5 µg/L) it is not likely that the test substances can be found in the aquatic environment and therefore an application due to floods and irrigation can be ruled out.

The test substance is not classified and considering that diniobium pentaoxide is not bioavailable, neither classified as dangerous to the environment nor it is a PBT or vPvB substance, there is no reason to perform soil toxicity data.