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Triethanol amineacetate is a highly soluble organic salt (>1000 g/l) that has a low potential for bioaccumulation due to a low log Kow value of <-1.31. The results from the biodegradability tests show that this substance is inherently biodegradable.

Triethanol amineacetate’s toxicity is considered negligible due to the results of the short term toxicity tests conducted on the Trhiethanol amineacetate. Previous data from other structurally similar read across substances (RA2 and RA1) also show low toxicity levels. The EC50 and NOEC values for fish, daphnia, algae and cyanobacteria were above 100 mg/l and were 1000 mg/l for microorganisms. Long term toxicity tests have not been considered due to the high solubility of Triethanol amineacetate. Also, strictly controlled conditions of safe use are applied to the substance, in accordance with the Guidance on Safe Use, provided in section 11 of the IUCLID file, preventing any release to the aquatic compartment.

Moreover, Triethanol amineacetate does not meet the criteria to be classified as dangerous for the aquatic compartment, nor does it meet the criteria to be considered as persistent, bioaccumulative or toxic under the REACH Regulation.