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Coco fatty acids 2-sulfoethyl ester, sodium salt has a low to moderate sorption to soil and is readily biodegradable to CO2 and H2O and NO3.The PNEC soil is calculated using the equilibrium paritioning method as no short or long-term terrestrial test data is available for Coco fatty acids 2 -sulfoethyl ester, sodium salt.

In the absence of measured data the PNECsoil was calculated using the equilibrium partitioning method (EPM). According to the TGD this method uses the PNECaquatic and the soil/water partitioning coefficient as inputs.

The PNECsoil is then calculated using the equations detailed in the TGD:

PNECsoil = Ksoil-water* PNECaquatic* 1000 * 1 / RHOsoil



PNECaquatic  = 4.8 µg/L

Ksoil-water  = 43.7 m3/m3

RHOsoil= 1700 kg/m3(TGD, equ. 18)

PNECsoil-EPM   = 123.4 µg/kg ww = 139.4 µg/kg dw


Further tests on terrestrial organisms is not considered to be warranted as no concern situation is indicated for the terrestrial compartment using the EPM based PNECsoil.