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The adsorption potential of the substance was determined in a study according to OECD TG 121 (HPLC method). Under the conditions of the test, the log Koc of the substance, including all peaks, was determined at 2.79 (equivalent to 620 L/kg). Based on this value the substance has moderate potential for adsorption to solid surfaces and soil.

A Henry's law constantof 10.6 Pa·m³/mol (at 12°C) was calculated in EUSES (Vapour pressure 3.634 Pa (23°C), 196.3 molecular weight and 36 mg/L water solubility (23°C). Based on this value limited partitioning from water to air may be expected.

Based on Level III environmental distribution modelling using EPISUITE (assuming equal and continuous releases to air, water and soil) using the CAS number 8007-35-0 and the physico-chemical parameters (water solubility and log Kow) as input, it is estimated that the majority of the substance released to the environment will partition mainly into soil (83%) and water (16%) with small amounts to air (<0.1%) and sediment (<1%).


The SimpleTreat model, which is incorporated in EUSES, simulates the distribution of the substance in a Sewage Treatment Plant based on vapour pressure, water solubility, log Koc and ready biodegradability. Model calculations show that 80.4% of the substance will be degraded and that 11.1%, 5.4% and 3.1% will partition to water, sewage sludge and air, respectively.

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