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The physical and chemical properties of substance triacetoxyethylsilane are:

Appearance/physical state/colour


Freezing point

-17.7 ºC (EU Method A.1)

Boiling point

180.8 ºC at 102.1 kPa (EU Method A.2)

Relative density

1.144 at 20 ºC (EU Method A.3)

Particle size distribution

Not applicable (liquid)

Vapour pressure

2.67 Pa at 20 ºC (EU Method A.4)

Partition coefficient

0.74 (EPI-Suite)

Water solubility

Not applicable (hydrolytically unstable)

Surface tension

30.5 mN/m at 20 ºC (EU Method A.5)

Flash point

111 ºC at 101.3 kPa (EU Method A.9) 

Auto flammability

385 ºC at 1008 -1013 hPa (EU Method A.15)


Non flammable (based on experience)


Non explosive (based on structure)

Oxidising properties

Non oxidising (based on structure)

Stability in organic solvents

Not applicable (not critical)


2.77 at 20 ºC (CIPAC MT 75.3)

Dissociation constant

Not applicable (hydrolytically unstable)


6.1604 mm2/s at 20 ºC (OECD 114)