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Former NONS notifier unknown to ECHA - Contact the relevant Danish competent national authority. 1991
Former NONS notifier unknown to ECHA - Contact the relevant Portuguese competent national authority. 1991
Registrant / Supplier Registered Ceased manufacture
BASF Grenzach GmbH Köchlinstr. 1 79639 Grenzach-Wyhlen Germany 1991 2018
BASF Italia S.p.A. Via Marconato 8 20811 Cesano Maderno Italy 1991 2018
BASF Performance Products France SA 49, Avenue Georges Pompidou 92593 Levallois-Perret Cedex France 1991 2018
BASF plc Earl Road, P O Box 4 SK8 6QG Cheadle Hulme Cheshire United Kingdom 1991 2018

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  • 01-0000015567-63-0004
  • 01-0000015567-63-0005
  • 01-0000015567-63-0000
  • 01-0000015567-63-0001
  • 01-0000015567-63-0002
  • 01-0000015567-63-0006

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