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The acute toxicity of petaerythritol tetranitrate for fishes and daphnia shows that daphnids to the substance are significantly more sensitive than fishes during exposure.

Studies performed indicate that the toxicicty data obtained is associated to the high pH in which the test is carried out.

EC50 and LD50 values obtained are not in the range to classify the substance.

No additional data are required provided that environmental exposure of this substance is highly unlikely. Synthesis of pentaerytritol tetranitrate consists of the nitrification reaction of pentaerytritol: C(CH2OH)4+4HNO3-----C(CH2NO2)4+4H2O

It takes place is an automated closed system in which no exposure occurs. No wastes are produced on a regular basis. However, if any, they are appropriately burned under highly restrictive and controlled conditions, producing not contaminat gases. Additionally, when the substance is used, the following explosion reaction occurs: C(CH2NO2)4------5 CO2 + 4 H2O + 2 N2

Thus, the substance in never available to aquatic environment.