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Very low soil sorption is expected with resorcinol, the measured Koc value at 20 deg C is 10.36.

HLC calculations are considered of limited reliability for water miscible compounds such as resorcinol, as this calculation is used for substances of low water solubility. The HLC of resorcinol is 9.881 E-11 atm-m3/mol based on calculation this is 1.0012 E-5 Pa m3/mol.

The EQC Level III Fugacity model (US EPA, 2006, EPISUITE v3.12) was used to evaluate the fate, transport and distribution of resorcinol between environmental matrices.  Level III Fugacity modeling, using loading rates for water of 1000 kg/h and the following input parameters:  MP=110C, BP=277C, WS=7.17E+005 mg/L, VP=0.000489 mmHg, Log Kow = 0.80 using BIOWIN calculations and 1000 kg/hr emissions, shows the following percent distribution: air = 3.99E-9%; water = 99.8%; soil = 0.0000537%; sediment = 0.194%