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PBT assessment: overall result

PBT status:
the substance is not PBT / vPvB

It can be stated that the substance does not fulfill the PBT criteria (not PBT) and not the vPvB criteria (not vPvB).


The substance is not readily biodegradable. The biodegradation half-life of the test substance in surface water does not fulfil 'P' criteria. In addtion, the substance has a low partition coefficient (1.72 < logkow < 2.2), which indicates low adsorption property. Based on this information, the substance is considered to be unlikely persistent in sediment or soil. Thus, the test substance is considered to be ' not P/vP'.


The test substance is considered not bioaccumulative based on a GLP-compliant shake flask study according to EC method A.8, the partition coefficient of the test substance is determined to be 1.72 - 2.20, and may therefore be considered to be “not B/vB”.  


The test substance is considered to be not toxic based on the lowest NOEC (> 0.01 mg/L trigger value) and was not classified as carcinogenic, germ cell mutagenic, toxic to reproduction, or specific target organ toxicity after repeated exposure.

Likely routes of exposure:

Via water.