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Intermediate use only


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Joint Submission

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Registrant / Supplier Registered Updated
Enaspol a.s. Velvety 79 41501 Teplice 1 Czech Republic 2020
ITS – SISA Detergenti S.r.l. Via Monte Santo 37 20038 Seregno (MI) Italy 2010
Janex International B.V. Herikerbergweg 238 Luna ArenA 1101 CM Amsterdam Netherlands 2013
Sasol Italy S.p.A. Viale Enrico Forlanini 23 I-20134 Milan Italy 2010 2020

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  • 01-2119471303-46-0000
  • 01-2119471303-46-0001
  • 01-2119471303-46-0002
  • 01-2119471303-46-0003

Contact Persons responsible for the SDS open all close all

  • Sasol Italy S.p.A., Italy