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The test substance rapidly hydrolyses to terephthalic acid and HCl in the environment. The pKa values of terephthalic acid (3.5 and 4.34; CSR section 1.3 Physico-Chemical Properties) indicate that terephthalic acid will exist as the anionic species in the environment. Terephthalic acid is not expected to adsorb to soil, suspended solids or sediment based upon the ACD labs ( log D value (-2.13) at pH 7. Terephthalic acid has the potential to move rapidly in soil; however, rapid biodegradation is expected to mitigate potential transport to groundwater. Volatilisation of terephthalic acid from water surfaces and soil is not expected to be an important fate process based upon this compound's low Henry's Law constant (1.33E-2 Pa m3/mol) and the predominance of the anionic species in the environment.