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Registrant / Supplier Registered Updated
Former NONS notifier unknown to ECHA - Contact the relevant UK competent national authority. 2002
Sandoz GmbH Biochemiestr. 10 6250 Kundl Austria 2000 2010
Registrant / Supplier Registered No longer valid Reason
Pfizer Ltd Ramsgate Road (IPC 979) CT13 9NJ Sandwich Kent United Kingdom 2000 2021 UK withdrawal from the EU
Sterling Pharma Solutions Ltd Dudley NE23 7QG Cramlington Northumberland United Kingdom 2003 2021 UK withdrawal from the EU

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  • 01-0000017775-60-0000
  • 01-0000017775-60-0004
  • 01-0000017775-60-0002
  • 01-0000017775-60-0003

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