Registration Dossier

Administrative data

Description of key information

The key information for all the acute toxicity endpoints was read across from 1-decanol (CAS 112-30-1). The key study for acute oral toxicity reports and LD50 value of >5000mg/kg in rat (Eurofins 2008;rel 1). The key inhalation toxicity reports an LC50 of >71mg/l in rat (mist (Scientific Associates 1977; rel 2). The acute dermal toxicity LD50 is reported to be >5000 mg/kg in rabbit (Eurofins 2009; rel 1).

Key value for chemical safety assessment

Additional information

In the absence of data on the acute toxicity of decanol, branched and linear, the key information was read across from 1 -decanol (CAS 112 -30 -1).

Justification for classification or non-classification

Based on the available information read across from 1 -decanol (CAS 112 -30 -1), no classification or labelling is proposed for decanol (branched and linear) in accordance with CLP (EC regulation 1272/2008). Tests on similar substances included in this category are also supportive of these results; which do not warrant classification for any acute toxicity endpoint under DSD or GHS criteria.