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The substance is an organic colourless to yellow liquid at 20 ºC.


Melting/Freezing point:

The reported freezing point was determined to be < - 25 °C. No further testing was necessary, as the sample was still liquid at -25°C according to EC Method A.1, OECD 102.


Boiling point:

The boiling point was determined to be 272 °C at 1036 mbar according to EC Method A.2, OECD 103. Calculated value 266°C at 101325 Pa.


Relative density:

Relative density was determined to be 1.12 g/cm³ at 20 °C according to EC Method A.3, OECD 109.


Vapor pressure:

Vapor pressure was determined to be 0.24 Pa at 25 °C according to EC Method A.4.


Partition coefficient:

The log Kow was determined to be 0.9 at 25 °C measured by GC/FID according to EC Method A.8, OECD 107.


Water solubility:

The water solubility was determined to be 18.5 g/L according to EC Method A.6, OECD 105.


Surface tension:

Waiver, based on the test item's chemical structure surface activity is not expected and is not a desired property of the substance. The substance is non-surface active.


Flash point:

The flash point was determined to be 111 °C at 1040 mbar. Calculated value 108°C at 101325 Pa.


Auto flammability:

The auto-ignition temperature was determined to be 318 °C at 1024 to 1027 mbar according to EC method A.15. Calculated value 315 °C at 101325 Pa.



The flammability of liquids is determined on basis of their flashpoint (in combination with their boiling point), their ability to emit flammable gases upon contact with water and their pyrophoric properties. The molecular structure of Lonzamon AAEMA does not contain groups that indicate potential reactivity with water or pyrophoric properties. Experimental determination was waived.



There was no evidence of ignition, explosion or decomposition according to EC method A.14.

Oxidizing properties:

The substance does not exhibit oxidizing properties.


Stability in organic solvents:

Stability in organic solvents is not considered critical.


Dissociation constant:

The molecule does not possess ionisable functional groups and will not dissociate.


The study was conducted in accordance with the OECD Guideline 114 and according to CIPAC MT 22. The kinematic viscosity of LZ649 was found to be 7.31 mm2.s-1 at 20°C and 4.01 mm2.s-1 at 40°C. The dynamic viscosity of LZ649 was found to be 8.19 mPa.s at 20°C and 4.49 mPa.s at 40°C.